Craps Myths – Busted!

As with any other high-stakes game, Craps has its own set of often bizarre myths and superstitions thought to help his chances of winning at online gambling in the UK or earned harm. While all of these myths are bunk, for players to the game of online craps, it is getting to the equivalent of learning proper craps etiquette and can help avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

Here are just a few of the most widespread myths craps – despite the clear fact that none have been proven or justified:

Craps Myth # 1: If dice leave the table, the next roll will be a seven. The only cure for this curse is for the dealer to pick up the dice.

Craps Myth # 2: Allowing another person who is touching cubes to destroy the player’s luck. The only cure for this is, ask for a new set of dice.

Craps Myths # 3: It’s bad luck to play at an empty table – not because the dice are cold and must be warmed up.

Craps Myth # 4: “virgin” craps players who have not played before hold all happiness. Female virgins are good luck charms while the male virgins bring bad luck to the table.

Craps Myth # 5: Female players bring happiness.

Craps Myth # 6: The more players who bet wrong, the more likely will be a seven is rolled.

Craps Myth # 7: To put a hex on the table, throwing new money when someone roll the dice. If the dice actually meets the money, the player who rolled the dice for some bad luck will be.

Myth # 8 Craps: Players are not to be spoken on a winning streak. That’s bad luck for the entire table, including this player.

Craps Myth # 9: It’s bad luck to move in the space between a shooter and the rest of the players at the table while shooter is that on a winning streak.

Craps Myth # 10: It’s bad luck to mention the number seven with everyone role.

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