Famous Jackpot Casino Winners

Almost everyone who love to gamble, love has played at least once in their life in an online casino. In fact, some swear by them to such a degree that they hardly gamble anywhere else. But the fact of the matter, no matter what, where a person playful there is nothing better that the thrill of a big win. There is a feeling that we all hope to experience, but only a select few have had the truly awesome feeling of winning a big jackpot. Below is a list of some of the biggest casino winners that in recent years have made big money at home. Not all of these winners are offline players, many of them won while playing at reputable gambling sites like Jackpot City Casino.

The first winner we have for you, Klaus E. from Finland. This lucky guy won over $ 5 million on the game Mega Moolah Online Slot Game Progressive Blackjack Ballroom. He had placed a $ 0.50 bet and literally went with a life changing win a few minutes later.

Next, we have another Megah Moolah Progressive Slot Winner, a Mr. M. Georgiou, who won an absolutely amazing mega jackpot amount of 6,374,599 at River Belle Online Casino. River Belle is one of the tower rock group of casinos, which includes the world-famous Jackpot City gambling website.

If money won at the previous volumes were not large enough for you, spare a thought for our next winner Omar B. who won $ 8,000,000 on the Millionaires Club Progressive Jackpot slot s at InterCasino. Not bad for a couple of minutes of play at an online casino do not you think?

But what about all the offline casino winners, how did it beautifully on the jackpot list? Well, our first jackpot winner in an offline casino is a Mr. Robert S. He and his friends had played, and lose, I might add in a casino in Atlantic City, all day. But his luck changed when he left the casino and decided just to have “another go”. This single $ 3 bet earned him $ 4.2 million, the largest single asset for this special place.

Finally, the biggest winner is all was on our list, an anonymous gentleman from the U.S., who, after $ 44 on the penny slots decided Megabucks game, before you have another train of the lever for the evening. Luckily for him, he did because he won him an absolutely life-changing amount of 18 million dollars.

If you want to learn more about casino winners and the games they learn to play, and we know not only that slot machines, then head on over to the Jackpot City Online Casino Games page and take a look. We have plenty of jackpot winning action news and reviews waiting for you.

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