Double Or Nothing Sng Strategy

Double or nothing SNGs are a new type of single table tournaments introduced only a few months ago at PokerStars. In simple words, the 10-seater games and 5 players paid twice their original buy-in minus the ‘rake get. Than 5 players paid these games have much less variance than other types of SNGs and may return an ROI (rate of income) of around 10% to 20%. Many play up to 20 of these games in the same time, although 4 to 10 games in the same time is the norm. There are two types of these games, the normal structure and a structure reduces the turbo chip. The turbos are a better option simply because of the reduced rake.

During the first few levels just play ABC poker and only play high pairs from early position and call with small pairs and connection cards in multi-pots in late position. The name of the game is to remember the survival so you have to finish only fifth cash, so it would be foolish to take place chances or gambling in the early levels.

Since the antes kick in, then you need to maintain your stack so use position to your advantage. During the mid-levels, you should not call increases. Use steal late position too many pots and play your good hands strong. During the mid-levels, there are usually left 7 or 8 players, so you have to start to consider the other players stack sizes from that point until the bubble bursts.

In the latter stages let your stacks are blinded away. If you are one of the shorter stacks, then you need to steal in late position with a much wider range of hands. If you are one of the bigger stacks then sit back and let the other players fight each other. It would be foolish to play with hands like AK against another big stack, if there are 2 or 3 players with smaller stacks than yours, and there will be times just because you want to be, if it is correct, the hands folded like AA, KK QQ and so does not have to participate. When you understand why AA should be folded in some cases, then I would suspect that you could at these double or nothing sngs be very profitable for you.

These games have become very popular on stars and IYM sure you will find that displayed in 2009 this on many other pages. Develop good skills to play this now and reap the rewards on other sites in the near future, perhaps with a bonus!

These are also a good way to delete the original bonus offered by Stars. If you are multi-tabling these sngs then at a low level, you will quickly clear the first or even reload bonus. If you have a PokerStars account dont then make sure to sign up to PokerStars through a website that the $ 50 bonus deals as this add to your ROI thus adding to your profit.

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