How to Beat your opponents by mastering the gambling 3nt

How to Beat your opponents by mastering the gambling 3nt

This is a solid minor, 7 game tricks and little else.
A typical hand looks like this:. S 6 H 72 D 852 C AKQ9865 It is permissible to keep a queen outside the long suit, but a king or ace would be too much. So start with a 1-offer.
Partner is expected to consist of attacks in the outer suits and potential for two tricks or better. With a weaker hand or with
no cover in one or more suits, 4C offer. Opener will pass with clubs and correctness 4D.
3NT: 4D asks opener to pass with diamonds or offer 5C, when the club is the suit instead. Responder has good support for clubs, but it is not worth as much in exchange for diamonds. You will know which minor suit opener, if you hold a top honor in the other smaller.
3NT: 5C/5D/6C asks opener to pass, when the variant solution or is properly adhered to the other smaller.
3NT: 4H/4S = to play.
Defense against the Gambling 3NT
Double = Strong Hand. Proposes doubling for penalties if they run 4 Minor.
4C = snack for the majors with a preference for the heart.
4D = snack for the majors with a preference for spades.
4H/4S = to play


If their 3NT is passed, and you are on a leash, it is often good to start by leading an ace. This is usually not a sound move for a no-trumps contract, but it works well against the Gambling 3NT. As the opener of the ace leadership has little outside the long minor, non-exclusive set of in hand to extra winners. The ace guide you can see dummy, and you can find almost always, the best continuation. Dummy strengths and
Vulnerabilities are uncovered and alone is known to have
just outside the long minor. If it is clear that it resulted in no value in continuing the lawsuit, the partners should suit preferred (high card suit = high, low = low card suit) to signal for this trick.

Countermeasures by the Gambling 3NT page

After 3NT: (double)
All actions have the same meaning as no bid. Redouble not ask running partner. He shows great confidence that 3NT will succeed and the desire to punish them when they run.
After 3NT: (starting bid)
Doubles are sanctions. Minor suit bids = pass or correct. 2009

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